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Winjet ML2000N
the Cold Fusing Laser Printer for Computer Forms
  • Monochrome Continuous Laser Printer
  • Non-Contact Fusing Technology
  • Speed: 2,000 LPM (39.2 ppm, page length: 8.5")
  • Resolution: 300 x 300 ; 600 x 600 dpi
  • Printable Width: 14.6"
  • Continuous Fanfold Media
Winjet ML2000N Brochure (English)
Winjet ML2000N - the High Speed Flash Fusing Laser Printer for Continuous Forms
Non-Contact Flash Fusing Technology

Most laser printers are built based on heat-pressure fusing technology, which would be problematic when printing media with glue, such as label adhesives, or uneven media surfaces. WINJET laser printers fix the toner by flash light without any contact with the media to enable printing on adhesive media.

Moreover, non-contact fusing technology ensures safety within most printing scenarios since the media will not be over-heated even if it stays in the printer during the task.

Continuous Fanfold Forms

Compared with cut sheets, continuous forms are more effective in avoiding missing pages during the printing process. Also, machines usually have higher tolerance for the thickness of continuous media than that of cut-sheet media. Moreover, there are more finishing systems that work with continuous forms.

High Speed

WINJET ML2000N prints at a speed of 2,000 lpm (lines per minutes, 6 lines/inch). If you are printing 8.5"-long pages, the printer will produce 39.2 pages per minute.

Tractor Feeder & Powered Stacker
Tractor feed, or pin feed, is a simple approach to accurate printing. It is especially ideal as a solution to filling in pre-printed forms. The WINJET feeder/stacker system, furthermore, loads and stacks the media for multiple jobs without operator involvement.
Flat Paper Path

A flat paper path prevents label adhesives from peeling off during printing. It also prevents heavy media from curling up or creasing in the process.

Auto Burster

By applying pressure instead of cutting, the auto bursting feature allows your finishing system to separate printed pages accurately at the perforation.

LED Print Head

Different from conventional laser heads, the page-wide LED head of this printer enables high-speed printing and compact printer configuration.

Winjet Controller Technology

Winjet's controller technology enables users to replace old printer engines without changing the existing operation environment. Multiple emulations are available to adapt Winjet printers to current systems. Therefore, Winjet ML2000N has been a popular solution to replacing phased-out Pentax, Printronix, Ricoh and IBM continuous form printers. 

Product Specifications
Printing MethodElectro photography process, LED array
Developing MethodDry, two-ingredient developer
FusingXenon flash and IR fusing system
Printing Speed2000 LPM (6 LPI; ~40 ppm, 8.5"-long page)
Resolution300 x 300 ; 600 x 600 DPI
Monthly Duty Cycle600K pages (A4 landscape)
Lifetime5 years or 36,000,000 pages (A4 landscape)
Printable WidthMax. 14.6 inches
MediaTypeFanfold continuous paper
Weight60 to 204 g/m2
Width6.5 to 16 inches
Length7 to 12 inches
Paper Hopper/Stacker Capacity3000 sheets (64 g/m2)
Power RequirementsVoltage 200 – 230 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Single phase, three wires (one for FG)
Power ConsumptionOperating: 4.0 KVA (Max.), standby: 0.6 KVA (Max.)
EnvironmentTemperatureOperating: 15 ̊C to 30 ̊C; non-operating: -10 ̊C to 35 ̊C
Humidity30% to 80% (RH) (non-condensing)
Operation PanelLCD panel
Dimensions890 mm (L) x 780 mm (W) x 1270 mm (H)
Weight240 kg
MTBF≧ 2000 hours
MTTR≦ 1 hour
  *All specifications are subject to change without notice.