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Winjet ML1600
The Compact Mono Laser Printer for Continuous Fanfold Forms
  • Speed: 32 ppm (8.5"-long pages)
  • Media Width: Up to 12"
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Continuous Fanfold Media
  • Fusing with Heat Rollers
Winjet ML1600 Brochure (English)
Winjet ML1600 - the Compact Mono Laser Printer for Fanfold Forms


Continuous Fanfold Forms

Compared with cut sheets, continuous forms are more effective in avoiding missing pages during the printing process. Also, machines usually have higher tolerance for the thickness of continuous media than that of cut-sheet media. Moreover, there are more finishing systems that work with continuous forms.

The Forms and the Speed

WINJET ML1600 can print on 12"-wide media (max.) at a speed of 32 ppm (page length: 8.5").  It means that the printer can be fed A3 size media, which differenciates it from common A4 size printers significantly.  Incorperated with conventional heat roller fusing technology, the images can be fused nicely on the media, and it also becomes more affordable solution.

Tractor Feeder & Auto Burster

Pin-feed is a simple approach for accurate printing.  Especially it is an ideal solution to fill in pre-printed forms.  The auto bursting feature finishes the printing jobs right on the perforation line accurately.  Also, the WINJET feeder/burster system loads and stacks the media during multiple jobs without operator involvement.

Product Specifications

FusingHeat roller system
Printing Speed32 ppm (page length: 8.5")
Printable WidthMax. 11"
Resolution600 x 600 DPI
MediaTypeFanfold continuous paper
Weight80 to 150 g/m2
Width7 to 12 inches
Length7 to 12 inches
Power Requirements110 – 127 VAC / 220 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions1400 mm (L) x 610 mm (W) x 1215 mm (H)
Weight116 kg
  *All specifications are subject to change without notice.