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Winjet PE3000 Series
Universal Print Engines
  • Mono & Color
  • Print Engine Modules
  • Speed: 60 ppm (A4 Landscape)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
Winjet PE3000-4S Brochure Winjet PE3000-4P Brochure
Winjet PE3000 Series - the Inkjet Building Blocks for Marking & Coding Solutions

The Print Engine Modules

Winjet PE3000 series includes Winjet PE3000-4P module and Winjet PE3000-4S module. Winjet PE3000-4P is a print engine with 4 print heads, CMYK, which prints 1"-wide spot color images;  Winjet PE3000-4S has 4 1"-wide printheads in series, which prints 4"-wide mono images.  The print engines could be adapted to your existing conveying system to print on various media, such as cardboard, boxes, coaster, simply adjusting the distance between the engines and your own conveyers.


Your Inkjet Building Blocks
Aligning multiple print engines can enlarge the printing width. For example, aligning one Winjet PE3000-4P and one Winjet PE3000-4S will print 5"-wide image, 1"-wide color & 4"-wide monochrome, at once.
Printing with Your Wonderful Creativity
Besides, we can also install color cartridges on PE3000-4S, such as printing barcodes in black and warning signs in red at different areas of the media.  
Product Specifications
Print Engine4 printheads / engine (in series & in parallel)
Inkpigment inks, 42 mL/cartridge
Speed & Resolution22 cm/sec (60 ppm, A4 landscape), 300 dpi
Printable WidthPE3000-4S: 4" wide
PE3000-4P: 1" wide
Power RequirementsAC 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60W
DriverWindows driver
InterfaceEthernet (10/100 BaseT)
DimensionsPE3000-4S: 380 mm (L) x 195 mm (W) x 225 mm (H), 4 kg
PE3000-4P: 310 mm (L) x 195 mm (W) x 220 mm (H), 3 kg
 *All specifications are subject to change without notice.