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Effective warehouse management saves money and resources for other business developing activities. Besides large amounts of part numbers, serial numbers and lot numbers are important for tracking. Also, expiration dates for the goods are challenging, but no retailer would ever want to have the goods expire in their warehouses instead of selling them in time. Winjet offers solutions for printing various 1-D barcodes, 2-D barcodes and QR codes for successful inventory tracking. Winjet color printers are also capable of producing color labels, which effectively improves ease of identification for the operators. For example, labels with pictures showing the goods help employees avoid collecting the wrong packages from a shelf nearby; color labels showing the expiration time ensures selling them in time; and color labels showing warnings for handling the goods reduce the risks for damages.
Recommended Product: Winjet 168RC

Key Features  

  • Color inkjet label printer 
  • Printing fast 
  • Working well with the software under Windows
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