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Discover the Winjet PE2500 Series: Versatile and Efficient Printing Solutions for Every Need
Discover the Winjet PE2500 Series: Versatile and Efficient Printing Solutions for Every NeedWinjet is excited to introduce our latest addition to the printing world, the PE2500 Series, which includes the Winjet PE2500 UV and Winjet PE2500 Side Printer. These printers are designed with a focus on versatility and efficiency, aiming to meet the diverse printing needs across various industries.Winjet PE2500 UV: A Versatile Approach to PrintingThe Winjet PE2500 UV is crafted to offer flexibility and adaptability in printing. It's not just another printer; it's a tool to unlock new creative possibilities:Diverse Ink Options: With C, M, Y, K, and white inks, it supports a broad spectrum of color and monochrome applications.Wide Material Range: This printer can handle both polymeric and metal materials, opening doors to innovative applications in packaging, customized products, and more.Balanced Speed and Quality: With a maximum speed of 23 m/min and a resolution of 600 dpi, it strikes a perfect balance between fast output and detailed print quality.Ink OptionsC, M, Y, K, White Printable WidthMax. 100 mmPrinting SpeedMax. 23 m/minInterfaceUSB 3.0Operation SystemWindows 11®, Windows 10®, Windows 7® (SP1)OptionConveyorWinjet PE2500 Side Printer: Simplifying Packaging PrintingThe Winjet PE2500 Side Printer introduces a new way to think about box printing:Direct-to-Box Printing: This feature allows for printing directly on box sides, offering an efficient solution for packaging, branding, and labeling.Durability with Water-Resistant Inks: The use of water-resistant inks ensures that prints can withstand various conditions, ideal for packaging that needs to endure.Efficiency in Workflow: By printing directly on materials, it helps in reducing waste and saving on materials typically used for labels and adhesives.InksWater-resistant Pigment Inks (C, M, Y, K)Printable HeightMax. 134 mmPrinting SpeedMax. 23 m/minInterfaceUSB 3.0Operation SystemWindows 11®, Windows 10®, Windows 7® (SP1)OptionConveyor User-Friendly DesignBoth models in the Winjet PE2500 Series share features that emphasize ease of use and efficiency:Generous Ink Capacity: The 1-liter bulk ink tanks are designed for long, uninterrupted printing sessions.Windows Driver Compatibility: These printers can be operated using standard office software via a Windows driver, making them accessible and easy to integrate into existing workflows.Broad Application PossibilitiesThe Winjet PE2500 Series is more than a set of printers; it's a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Whether it's for small-scale personalized items, intricate packaging designs, or large-scale industrial applications, these printers are built to adapt and excel. They are particularly suited for sectors like retail packaging, personalized gifts, industrial labeling, and even small-scale manufacturing processes.A Humble Invitation to ExploreWe at Winjet believe in the power of innovation to make printing more accessible and efficient. We invite businesses, creatives, and industries of all sizes to explore the possibilities with the Winjet PE2500 Series. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and creativity together. Contact us via clicking here.*All specifications are subject to change without notice. 
Dec 22, 2023
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Introducing Winjet PE4600: The Inkjet Printer for On-Demand Color Cardboards
Introducing the Winjet PE4600, the innovative inkjet printer for on-demand color cardboards. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge Memjet DuraFlex Page-Wide Printhead, this printer enables businesses to effortlessly produce highly personalized packages, such as customized cardboards and paper boxes, in-house and in full color. By leveraging inkjet printing technology, the Winjet PE4600 provides flexible print runs, affordable setup costs, personalization options, and exceptional print quality, all while meeting the demands of the rapidly evolving corrugated packaging market. Moreover, with its safe water-based pigment inks, this printer is perfect for food packaging, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Experience the revolution in packaging printing with Winjet PE4600 and unlock new possibilities for enhancing customer experiences and building brand strength.
Jan 03, 2022
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Launching Digital Color Inkjet Coding & Marking System
 Color Inkjet Coding & Marking System by Winjet Lab Key Features4 colors (C, M, Y, K)Adjustable printhead heightWork with various types of inkSpeed: 11 m / minResolution: 300/600 dpiDigital printing Winjet Lab is going to present a color coding and marking station at PACK EXPO 2017 Las Vegas.  The system can be applied with various types of ink, such as solvent inks, water-based dye inks, pigment inks, and even edible inks.  It significantly reduces the limitation on the media materials that are going to be printed on.  The height of the printhead can be adjusted according to the surface that we are going to print.  Moreover, we can design the graphics on our computers and make every single print unique!
Aug 31, 2017
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Winjet Works with Taiwan-Trade B2B Platform
Winjet Works with Taiwan-Trade B2B PlatformAs a Taiwan-based brand, WINJET has started to work with Taiwan-Trade platform! Taiwan is an island where many world-leading manufacturers started from. Besides that, there are much diverse companies that supply good-quality industrial products. And Taiwan-Trade is the B2B sourcing portal for the world to contact Taiwanese suppliers.To visit WINJET web-page at Taiwan-Trade, please click on the logo. 
Dec 09, 2015
By Jing
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