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Launching Digital Color Inkjet Coding & Marking System
Aug 31, 2017


Color Inkjet Coding & Marking System by Winjet Lab

Key Features
  • 4 colors (C, M, Y, K)
  • Adjustable printhead height
  • Work with various types of ink
  • Speed: 11 m / min
  • Resolution: 300/600 dpi
  • Digital printing
Winjet Lab is going to present a color coding and marking station at PACK EXPO 2017 Las Vegas.  The system can be applied with various types of ink, such as solvent inks, water-based dye inks, pigment inks, and even edible inks.  It significantly reduces the limitation on the media materials that are going to be printed on.  The height of the printhead can be adjusted according to the surface that we are going to print.  Moreover, we can design the graphics on our computers and make every single print unique!