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Introducing Winjet PE4600: The Inkjet Printer for On-Demand Color Cardboards
Jan 03, 2022

KPower is proud to announce the launch of the Winjet PE4600, an innovative inkjet printer specifically designed for on-demand color cardboards and paper boxes. With its user-friendly features and advanced printing capabilities, the Winjet PE4600 revolutionizes the packaging industry by enabling businesses to create highly personalized packages in-house.

The Winjet PE4600 comes equipped with the cutting-edge Memjet Page-Wide Printhead, offering exceptional print quality and precision. Key specifications of the Winjet PE4600 include:

  1. Memjet Page-Wide Printhead:

    • 2.1 pL drop size.
    • 163,480 ink nozzles.
    • 1600 x 1600 dpi.
    • 324-mm wide (A3+).
    • 2x nozzle redundancy.
    • User replaceable.
  2. Pigment Inks:

    • Water-based pigment ink.
    • Four color ink formulations (CMYK).
    • Safe for food packaging.

The Winjet PE4600 empowers businesses to print customized cardboards and paper boxes in-house, with full-color capabilities. Its simple Windows driver makes the entire process user-friendly, allowing users to design personalized images for various occasions such as birthday parties and holiday events. By using their own PC to create designs and feeding the media into the printer, users can receive the finished results in just a matter of seconds.

In addition to its convenience, the Winjet PE4600 highlights the value of inkjet printing in the corrugated packaging segment. Traditionally, print and package providers faced challenges in producing corrugated packaging due to the need for specialized equipment. However, advancements in inkjet printing technology have opened up new possibilities, making corrugated packaging more appealing for both shipping and marketing purposes.

By utilizing single-pass, high-speed, direct-to-board digital presses powered by Memjet inkjet technology, the Winjet PE4600 offers several advantages for corrugated packaging, including flexible print runs, affordable setup costs, personalization and versioning options, and superior print quality. With its fast print speeds and lower cost of ownership, inkjet printing is becoming the preferred choice for meeting the market demands of higher print quality, variable printing, ease of use, and faster production speeds.

Corrugated packaging, in particular, is gaining popularity due to its strong sustainability story and solid recycling infrastructure. Choosing the right ink technology for food packaging is crucial for ensuring safety and maintaining the quality of the contents. Winjet PE4600 addresses this challenge by utilizing water-based pigment inks specifically formulated for food packaging, providing an essential differentiator in terms of safety and compliance.

Businesses looking to enhance their corrugated packaging capabilities can benefit from the Winjet PE4600. With its expertise in high-speed, continuous feed digital printing technology, KPower offers innovative solutions for direct printing on packages, reducing the need for pre-printed label materials and providing significant cost savings.

For more information about the Winjet PE4600 and how it can enhance your corrugated packaging, please visit Winjet PE4600.